Corporate Training & Skill Development

IIPS aims to bring social changes with Education, Skill Development, Research and Innovation. We provide diverse opportunities to learners to improve their knowledge and skills to be successful in today's world. Our Mission is to offer quality technical and managerial education to the members of community.

At IIPS, we are committed to enabling inclusive and equitable development with a triple bottom line approach, covering people, practices and profits. We strive to make an impact across the social, environmental and financial needs of the people through collaborations/partnerships and with the community at the forefront.

IIPS through its distance learning initiative have assisted over 550 students to access quality higher education in Information Technology programs of Annamalai University.

IIPS (P) Ltd and Power Mech Industri (P) Ltd have entered into an agreement and are offering Skill Development programs for various trades and Job-roles.

As Leaders in technology driven education our activities in the international tertiary market allowed us to partner with institutions worldwide. We select institutions that align with our ethos and culture; and find value in partnering in projects, community development or enrichment programs.

Driven by technology, creativity, design, integrated learning and unique thinking; IIPS encourages independent learning through custom developed software and applications connecting learners, institutions and industry.

Our programmes, aligned to our ethos, are progressive and facilitate the furtherance of the technical and management profession in the country. Our programmes align to international design programme standards.

We place great emphasis on our people and their personal development. Our core values; Quality, Authenticity and Relationships drive us to grow, improve and make a difference in everything we do. The organization has experienced modest growth since its inception and now extends its ethos and offering Skill Development in association with MoRD, Corporate Training in association with Corporate giants such as BHEL and NTPC and Distance Learning in association with IGNOU.

Our short courses are offered through the virtual mode of learning which essentially an online classroom set is up. Learners are able to study independently, anywhere, at anytime and can work through coursework at their own pace. These courses are created by industry experts and are designed to fit around learner's studies and life commitments. Participants can start their course at any time and we use the latest audio-visual technology to aid their learning. The courses are packed with knowledge and learners will be awarded a certificate on completion at the end of each course.

IIPS excellent track record of establishing strong industry connections and collaborating with various academic and industry partners has opened vast opportunities for our learners.

Working closely with industry allows IIPS to gather key intel into the requirements and needs of the workplace, allowing us to integrate these into the learning experience and preparing learners for a successful career in Science and Technology.

Since its inception in 2008, IIPS has been playing a proactive role in pooling management thoughts and best practices within the country. It acts as a platform to develop technical and managerial ethos and an organization to facilitate the furtherance of technical and management profession in the country.

IIPS's academic activities / initiatives include:

  • Management Development Programs (Corporate Training in association with Industrial giants - BHEL and NTPC Corporate Events (Conferences/Seminars/Exhibitions)
  • Research
  • Competitions
  • Testing Services
  • Formal and Non-formal Education
  • Continuing Education ( spl programs for women and Distance Education for working executives)
  • Study abroad (New Enrolments and Migration through International Students Exchange Programs)
  • Study in India - Integrated Studies - Higher Education
  • Early Years Specialists (EYFS - development matters)
  • Personal Security Training
  • Staff Development and Training (teachers training and HRD programs)
  • Classroom to Boardroom - Skill Development - Retail, Hospitality, Automobiles, Aviation, Construction, Retail and Hospitality
  • Students advising - academic and behavioural
  • Women Empowerment
  • Senior Citizens Empowerment